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Tourism in Indonesia


               Indonesia, a country in South-East Asia is home to many tourist sites as well as exotic climate, natural environment beauty, cultural diversities, and agriculture. Places such as Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat, Borobudur, and many more has always been a famous tourist destination, mainly since it is not an expensive location.


            The most popular destination for tourism in Indonesia is none other than Bali itself. It has been renown as one of the most famous tourism destinations in the world. Bali is full of natural beauty and cultural diversities compare to other places in Indonesia. As is it located in another island and a different province than the island of Java, Bali will not lose to other tourism sites in Indonesia that is popular in the island of Java, for example, Borobudur, which is located in Central Java, Magelang. Not only for its beauty, Bali is famous for its beach life and nightlife in Kuta, a beach and resort area in the southern part of the island of Bali. Toward the center of the island of Bali lies Ubud, another town that is famous for its tourism location. The island is full of ancient historical spots and artifacts as well as the monkey forest, a natural preserve, and refuge for monkeys who live in that area.


             Also in the province of Bali lies smaller island, which does not lose to the main island about tourism. Some island such as Menjangan Island, located in the North-West of Bali is full of natural beauty and clear blue seas and oceans. The island is also a natural habitat for sea life such as coral reefs, clams, sea anemone, and planktons. Land animals such as deer also live in the area close to the Menjangan Island. The island is a popular spot for diving and snorkeling due to its shallow and calm seas near the beach.


             Besides Bali, another famous tourist destination in Indonesia is Lombok, an island east of Bali, located in West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok is primarily famous for its beaches, surfing, and other water activities due to its tides and natural beauty of the beaches. As Lombok is full of beaches and is surrounded by water, it is full of coral reefs, perfect for diving and snorkeling, as well as a sea turtle hatchery.


            Going to the island of Java, home to Indonesia’s main metropolis cities and capital city, Jakarta, its tourism spots does not lose to Bali and other islands. Java is home to many natural artifacts and historical residue such as Borobudur and Candi Prambanan, home to ancient temples. Borobudur, iconic and historic Buddhist temple, while Candi Prambanan, an iconic ancient Hindu temple. While sea life and beaches is not a popular destination for tourism in Java Island, ancient temples and artifacts are the way people do tourism business in Java Island. As Indonesia is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia is full of dormant and active volcanoes and mountains all across the island. A popular volcano is Mount Bromo, an active volcano located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Together with another volcano named Mount Ijen, both located in East Java, these two volcanoes are a popular tourist destination on the Island of Java. Located at a high altitude, it is possibly one of the coldest sites available in Indonesia.


            Last but not least, going to the very east of Indonesia, on the island of Papua, lies a very popular tourist destination by the name of Raja Ampat Island, or also known as the Four Kings as its literal meaning. These islands are filled with thick jungles, clear oceans, and coral life’s. As reported by The Natural Conservancy and Conservation International, about 75% of all species known to be in this world lives in these four islands. With little to no metropolis life in these islands and completely full of natural wildlife and nature’s beauty, Raja Ampat is a famous tourist destination in Indonesia.


            For over a century, Indonesia is always one of the best tourism destinations for the whole world to come and see. Indonesia is pack with natural beauty, beautiful ocean life, cultural diversities, and agriculture. Together with a cheap and reasonable price, Indonesia will always be a popular destination for everyone.