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Sukamade Beach, The Beautiful Beach with Exotic Animals All Around YOU!



            Hello guys! Today I will be talking about Sukamade Beach! So basically, Sukamade beach can be called as the paradise for turtles. It can be called as so because this beach has become a favorite spot for turtles to lay their eggs. Such as travelovers know, turtles will return to the same place if they want to lay eggs. So it can be sure that travelovers can see turtles laying their eggs. Not only one type of turtles, if travelovers are lucky, travelovers can see four different types of turtles (Green turtle, hawksbill, hawksbill turtle, and Slengkrah turtle).

            It is not all about playing around in the beach, travelovers can do other activities such as spectating turtle breeding, turtles laying eggs, and can contribute in the release of hatchlings to the sea. Sukamade beach is known as Triangle Diamond tourism in Banyuwangi along with Mount Ijen and Plengkung Beach.


            Sukamade beach on its own was discovered by the Dutch in 1927. Sukamade, including protected forests where turtles are breeding and laying their eggs. Not only that, travelovers can also see coffee plantations, rubber, and chocolate there. Sukamade beach is close to Rajekwesi Beach and Teluk Hijau Beach, although getting to the beach itself is quite challenging. But since it is a desolate place, turtles love to lay their eggs here and has become a nesting spot, with thousands of years in history.


            At the peak of the egg-laying period, in a day, there can be up to 80 turtles laying their eggs here, even though no there are less due to fishermen are fishing in the Sukamade area, where they have install bright lights on their ships, making turtles scared to return to the beach. As a result, a rule was made that is was not allowed to use bright lights in the beach, keeping it pitch black so turtles want to return here.


            Turtle species that travelovers often see here is the Green turtle and it can be called that Sukamade is the best turtle hatching site in Indonesia. For the sake of turtle conservation, every night, there are patrol team to keep these eggs from thieves and robbers. Long time ago, turtles in Sukamade were threatened because these turtle eggs are often hunted by locals. Now turtle hunting and egg harvesting are strictly prohibited. In Sukamade, there are turtle breeding sites that is made as a natural place in its habitat.


            In the hatching period, not all turtle eggs are perfectly hatched, where some are flawed and some are rotted with eggs on top. Rotten eggs or deformed one will be collected and fed into monkeys and lizards.


            To see turtles lay their eggs, it can be a fun and thrilling moment for travelovers, as this is a rare one and is not common for humans to see this. Usually turtles land in the beach at 19:30 and returned to the sea as 24:00. This is the time that has the biggest chance for travelers when traveling to Sukamade. Travelovers should not turn on their flashlights and make no noise when the turtles are laying their eggs because turtles are sensitive to light and sound.

            For the release of these hatchlings, there will be 2 sessions (morning and afternoon sessions). The morning session will be held at 6:30 and the afternoon will be held at 15:00-17:00. In the sea, turtles can live up to 200 years, but the first 3 months after the release is a difficult period because they need to face the threat from eagles, big fish, as well as humans. The release of the hatchling is not recommended directly into the sea water, but to a small beach as a growing state so they can get back to the previous beach.


  What else can you say, its all about the beauty guys! Please do not litter such beautiful places like this one! Keep the place clean and do not litter!