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Safe and Comfortable Tips When Traveling


If you are in Jejakku, you must be looking for tips and other traveling knowledge that you might need to know before your travel. There are a lot of travelers that have been preparing to go home far from the days to come. Among those travelers, there must be some going home with private vehicles and public transportation. These are some tips for travelers to know who are using both private or public transportation.


Private Transportation

  1. Check Your Vehicle


Do not forget to check your vehicle before returning home. If necessary, take it to an official repair shop to be serviced. Important parts that travelovers need to check include brakes, tires, lights, and other parts.


  1. Physique Preps


With a long journey, the physical condition of everyone in one vehicle should be considered. It is a pain to travel back and forth in an uncomfortable state when one or more family member is sick.


  1. Food and Drink Preps


The ease of using a private transportation is that travelovers can bring as much personal items such as food. But keep in mind, do not bring goods that goes beyond the capacity of travel vehicles. Make sure that travelovers bring what is only needed!


  1. Take Rules into Consideration


Obey all traffic signs to make your travels safer and much more comfortable. At some point, travelovers may experience congestion, stay patient and don’t be emotional. Just enjoy it!


Public Transportation


Some alternative when travelovers want to go home but is unable to use private vehicle is by using public transportation such as a bus, boat, train, or a plane. The things that travelovers need to pay attention includes:


  1. Ticket Preps


You can say that the first preparation needed to go home is your ticket. Yes, the amount of people who wants to go home using public transportation does not guarantee that they are able to earn themselves a ticket when you are buying it close its departure time. Prepare other alternatives that you guys can use. Book ticks in advance can save budget because of a cheaper price available.


  1. Goods Preps


Using public transport means that travelovers are unable to bring as much items as they ca, so bring as efficient as possible. Goods brought can also affect the security and comfort of travelovers.


  1. Do not use shiny luxurious goods


Crowds in public transport will invite thieves, pickpockets, or robbers to act. In order to not be their target, wear outfit and accessories as low key as possible, no need to be awesome at all. Do not give any chance to these criminals.


  1. Bring Money as needed


Bring money as needed with what travelovers need on the road and split it in different pockets. When travelovers gets pickpocketed unfortunately, travelovers won’t lose all of your money. Do not forget to bring a little more cash to hold guys!


  1. Keep yourself safe


Bring food, drink, medicine is important because travelovers can not stop when you are hungry in the middle of the journey. Keep your condition and health top notch guys!