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Mount Batur THE VOLCANO!


Mount Batur, an iconic volcano that is located in Batur Village, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Mount Batur is also a sacred mountain according to Hindu beliefs. Since it is about 1700m above sea level, this mountain is truly a great place to hike, chill with nature, and have a high-end experience above anything else! Like most mountains, Mount Batur is famous for its sunsets and sunrises early in the morning and late in the evening. Remember since Mount Batur is a high elevation Mountain, you need to bring the proper gears to have a fun experience! Here, we will explain everything necessary to know about Mount Batur!


Mainly for hikers, you will need to bring the proper equipment’s in order to have a fun experience, other wise it would not be fun for you nor for the people you attend with. Since Mount Batur is a far away from common spots, you need to get ready by 2 A.M in the morning! By then, you are picked up from your hotel, so that you are able to have a fun experience with the sunrise! Remember, since this will be an early hike, you need to get all the adequate gears and rest that you need! Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep, stack up with the vitamins and other supplements, and do not forget to bring your hiking gears such as some hiking shoes (sports shoes are fine too), warm jacket, long pants, a backpack with all necessary equipment’s (least heavy the better), and a stick (not mandatory) in order to hike properly!


It will take you about 4 hours to hike from the village underneath the mountain up until the summit! Depending on the time of the day, the summit will be about 8*C – 15*C, pretty chilly I would say! This is the reason why you need some thick clothing in order to have a fun experience. There are some notes that you need to get accounted for before hiking up this mountain. For women, they are not allowed to climb up the mountain especially if they are pregnant or in the menstrual period, due to Hindu religious beliefs. No matter where you are, it is always best to respect their rules and laws. Bring whatever you need, no need to bring too much, nor too little is good. Some extra cashis also recommended to tip the driver and guide up your way to the summit!

Oh and a quick info about this interesting mountain! Gotta be careful tho! Now, stories have spread that there are local mafias around! If you don't hire any tour guides, they may come to you!! Be aware........... (:P)


That is pretty much what you need to know to have a fun experience in order to hike Mount Batur! Remember the rules, take good care of your health, bring the necessary equipment’s, and most likely, nothing terrible will happen to you during your hike! Remember, keep the site clean of your trash and garbage and throw them at its specified locations! Keep clean and have fun!