Get Tips & Trick about Trip.



            In 2013, a tourist from Singaraja, Bali, died whilst hiking up Mount Ijen. Expected that the cause is fatigue and slips off on the way down. This news shows us that the mountains can be a dangerous place for anyone. As a result, even though it is a travel destination, travelovers should be careful. Now, here are some safe tips when you’re in Mount Ijen.


  1. The first requirement in order to hike up is to be healthy and refreshed. Do not ever try to hike if you are sick or not in a good shape. Well, there must be some who hikes, while he or she is sick, but obliviously it must be consulted with the doctor first.
  2. Even though the road up to Kawah Ijen is wide and full of sand, use some shoes that can withstand and have a good grip with the soil. If needed, bring a stick with you.
  3. Going during the night time is the best time to go up to Kawah Ijen. To lower the cold, bring a jacket is a must. IF needed, bring extra change of clothes when you’re in the summit, so your body will stay warm.
  4. To lower the chances of bad weather, such as rain and storm, it is better to bring a raincoat and a tent, including a mattress or a sleeping bag. There is nothing wrong, especially in Paltuding, people wore jackets with extra cover from a raincoat, even though the weather is clear, because anytime rain can come.
  5. It is a must to bring a flashlight and heaters. Headlamp for every hikers is recommended. If you guys don’t bring any lighting sources at all, it is a stupid act to do.
  6. Bring a mask. Mount Ijen is active and can spit out sulfur gas out. The smell can hurt if inhaled. For that, bringing a mask is needed to lower the sulfur intakes.
  7. Follow the hiking rhythm. There is no need to rush. The mountain and the crater won’t go anywhere. Usually hiking takes about 2 hours. More than that won’t be a problem right?
  8. Bring packed food and drink as needed.
  9. Bring a tour guide. If you are still inexperienced on the terrain, it is best to make use of a tour guide. In Paltuding, many locals are willing to help. They will follow you whilst you’re hiking to the summit. Even they are willing to help you when you’re going down or approaching the Blue Fire. If you don’t have a tour guide, there is a big risk. Do not fall through a ravine because if you don’t know the way where you’re headed.


Yes, the mountain is a place to see and enjoy the good scenery. But it must be warned, that mountains can be dangerous if we don’t know how to anticipate. Save trip and take care travelovers!