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Gerojokan Pitu - The National Beauty in Pujon Kidul


            This time, Jejakku went to one of the main tourist destinations in Malang, which is Gerojokan Pitu. This tourist destination is still natural and a long hike is needed to reach your destination (approximately 7 km). To get there, the access is very easy, from a cow statue after Payung, we only need to go forward following the path to see a motorcycle taxi area as well as a sign, which by then we need to go left and follow the main path.


            After the long hike, we have arrived at the stop post of Campung Alas, where every visitor must report first before going on your journey. Each visitor must pay a fee of Rp 15,000 (including entrance fee and parking spot).

            Throughout the whole trip with a beautiful scenery, the streets are very easy to pass through with good road conditions. If you are embarrassed telling that you are lost, there is no issue as all the locals in the area are very friendly and happy to explain the route to Gerojokan Pitu!


            Toward the first ascent, the streets start to change from man-made roads into pure land and soil. To get to Gerojokan Pitu is actually very easy, we just need to follow that path that has been made and a red sign that is tied to the tree.


            A good physic and friends are needed for this fun trip! This trip will feel lonely if only enjoyed alone or just two people.


            The natural scenery that is offered during the journey starts to be felt as soon as we ascend upwards! Mountains, trees, and fields refreshed our eyes and is very beautiful to stare at. The sound of wind starts to become natural song in our ears. The higher we go, the more we need to be careful of our steps, since there are several points of the travel that the path is steep and is parallel to a deep ravine.


            If you have arrived to the area, the sound of water will be audible and much louder. In the middle of the journey, we were able to see a huge waterfall (Coban Tengah). From there, we can see Gerojokan Pitu. If you want to make a natural trip here, prepare food from home or bring a portable stove to cook your meals here! The area is cold, making it not fun of a journey if you catch a cold here.


            To continue the journey to Gerojokan Pitu, the first obstacle that must be cleared is still easy because ladders have been provided for us. After that, we must be careful of the steep lands and the ravine, making us, must use a rope as a handle to climb up the path with caution.




Wow! Finally, we have arrived at Gerojokan Pitu, which feels very majestic and beautiful creation of god. It was not a waste to travel through the obstacle to see all this! If you are still not satisfied, you guys can climb again to see Coban Empat.


            To climb up there, the road is very extreme, with a rope as a safety measure. Turns out the extreme road is just a first obstacle, where the next road is very stable and easy. Coban Empat may not be as big as Gerojokan Pitu, but the experience here is very fun!


         That is it for today! I am pretty sure this place is extremely loved by nature lovers. I mean just look at this place! Look at it with your own two eyes! There is no way you won't love this place! Well then, have fun on your vacation and keep the place clean and do not litter! Ever :D