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Fun stuffs to do in Baluran!


            Indonesia can be called as a miniature size of the world, and one of the facts include the existence of National Park Baluran. With the panorama that is similar to Africa, it is obvious that Baluran is called as the Afrika van Java. This national park is as wide as 25 000 hectares, and is truly a miniature of all the forests and vegetation of Indonesia. Baluran has a season forest, rainforest, mangrove, savannah, beaches, mountains, rivers, and even coral reefs.

            Of course there are other stuffs we can do in National Park Baluran, but what can we do there? Let’s check them all!



            Given help from the authorities at the national park, travelers can hike in Baluran mountain, even though you cannot reach the summit as there are no official routes yet. Travelers will pass through a caldera as wide as 600 meters and will meet with the source of Kacip’s river that is flowing all year with refreshing and clean water. From the height, of course there are lots of view that will reward the travelers for the obstacle they faced before.


            Prepare your boots and other utilities from home to explore the forests in Baluran that is full of uniqueness and color. There is a way or a walking trail from the Bama beach through Bekol as far as 3 km only. In this trek, there are floral and fauna that will call out to the travelers on the way. A favorable moment not to be missed.

Snorkeling & Canoeing


            The beauty of Baluran is not on land only. Travelers can explore the beauty of coral reefs and its fish just by snorkeling as far as 1 km from the beach or go canoeing to explore the sides of the mangrove forests.

Wildlife Observation

            One of the main attractions in National Park Baluran is the observation of wildlife. From the entrance of Batangan going through the seasons forest and evergreen, travelers are able to see beautiful butterflies at every water sides, chicken forests on the side of the road, and birds flying freely from the branch to branch. If you’re lucky, travelers can meet with tigers that is running fast in the evergreen. While in the Sabana Bekol will give the true wildlife atmosphere. On the side of the road, lies a small hill that has become a tower place to see the throughout of the savanna from the heights. Across the land that intersects across Bekol and Bama Beach, travelers will see a lot of wild animals, starting from deer, bulls, cows, forest dogs, snakes, until birds. Only now, the bulls are a bit hard to be found. It is best to see the wildlife early in the morning or in the evening. Travelers can see how the animals run in the savanna from a close distance. If you are staying in Bekol, at the night time, you will see more and hear the wild animals cries as a beautiful orchestra of nature. Travelers will see their eyes shine between the darkness and will feel the relaxing moment.