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Cheng Ho Mosque!

            Cheng Ho Mosque is one of the main tourist icons in Surabaya. Does anyone know about the history of the foundation of this mosque? Jejakku will share the trailing history of this mosque. The name of this mosque is a form of respect to Cheng Ho, a Chinese admiral who is Muslim. In his journey in the Southeast Asia, Cheng Ho, not only trading and making friendship, he also spread the religion of Islam.

            In the 15th century, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1643), Chinese people from Yunnan began arriving to spread Islam, especially the island of java. Then, the admiral Cheng Ho (Admiral Zhang Hee) or is better known as Sam Poo Kong or Pompu Awang on the year 1410 and the year 1416 with his fleet that he lead landed in Simongan beach, Semarang. Besides that, he also envoy Emperor Yung Lo to visit the Majapahit King, who also aims to spread the religion of Islam.


            To commemorate the struggle and da’wah of Admiral Cheng Hoo and the Muslim Chinese citizens also wants to have a mosque with the style of Chinese housing, then on May 28, 2003, the mosque was given authorization to built the Mosque with the intended Chinese style.


            The roof ornament of this mosque is formed in an eight-square that resembles a cobweb. Cheng Ho mosque has eight corners at the roof top in the main building. The letter 8 is known as a symbol from Pat Kwa, which is a number of luck in Chinese culture. The color red that dominates the color of the mosque, symbolizes happiness. While the yellow in some parts of the mosque has its own meaning, which is peace.

            The staircase at the left and right door of the mosque has a sum of 5 and 6. This number symbolizes the pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith. The door of the mosque was built without the door, which symbolizes that Cheng Ho in Surabaya is open to anyone, regardless of the group.


            In conclusion, those are the interesting info’s surrounding the Cheng Ho Mosque, where around the Mosque also likes a various of other tourist attraction sites that you guys can check here. Respect the diversity in Indonesia, upholding the value of bhineka tunggal ika.