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Best Places to Visit in Malang PART 2

Welcome back travelers! Here is part 2 of the places that you guys should visit when you're in Malang. I wonder if you guys have checked part 1 yet or nahhh? You know, it would be a big miss if you did not! If you haven't go check that part first before going here! Trust me its going to be a blast! No more talking, here is part 2 of the best places to visit in Malang!



            This mosque is truly phenomenal in the Turen area. The mosque is so beautiful ans slick, with its dominance of blue and white walls that is so magnificent. The mosque is so spacious and very comfortable for worshipping. No need to fear running out of places, especially due to the fact that this mosque has 9 floors! You can capture pictures here freely, but be respectful to your surroundings!



            If you are satisfied playing in Malang, you can continue your vacation that is not less exiting in the city of Batu. In Batu, there is a place called Kebun Matahari (Sunflower Garden). This garden is precisely located on the West Ring Road (Jalibar), tourist areas and horse breeding at the foot of Mount Panderman. Kebun Matahari has an area of thousands of square meters as it is definitely an interesting spot to take pictures! Although you can take pictures freely, please do not damage those flowers! Let’s go and immediately plan an exciting holiday here!


COBAN RAIS Waterfall

            Coban Rais waterfall is one of the more “hype” locations this year. At first, there is nothing much here, except for the waterfall. The location is pretty far away, and will take more or less two hours. Now, Coban Rais has a camping ground, a treehouse and an Out Bound campsite. One of the coolest spots is the swing game above the ravine. Pretty scary right? But it will definitely pay off with the beautiful scenery and awesome photos, obviously!



            Before you go further, you can come here! The newest place in Batu, with a beautiful scenery. You can be satisfied to eat as much as you want with a beautiful panoramic view of Batu city. Lots of variety of culinary that you can choose! Isn’t it great? This place will make oyu really comfortable, either the day or night.




            Not far from Pupuk Bawang, you can enjoy the panorama view of Batu city, to a very extreme measure. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise, sunset, and sparkling night lights of Batu! Not just that, you can play paragliding, an extreme sport that will challenge your adrenaline in-game!



            Not satisfied with that only? Right beside the paragliding spot, you guys can find other cool spots too! Omah Kayu is a collection of wooden houses hanging by the side of the cliff. In this place, you can take good selfies with the beautiful scenery in the background. Not only that, being there will activate your adrenaline with heights! Omah Kayu is also included as a perfect romantic places that is used for most pre-wedding photos. It is very fun right?



            For you guys who have sat near a wince farm in Italy, café Sawah has a same feel to it! Café that is meant as a rest area has perfect access to the beautiful scenery on nature! Sceneries of rice fields, Mount Dorowati, and Mount Putri Tidur will definitely pamper the eyes of anyone. Not just a regular rest area, you guys can be satisfied just by taking pictures here!


            Your holidays will be fun and awesome right? There are lots of tourist spots and interesting culinary that you guys can visit. What do you guys think of Jejakku’s reference this time? Of course you guys are ready for a refreshing holiday! Have a good vacation guys! Once again, do not liter and keep the place clean!