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B29 District! What's So Special?

Looking at the other side of Mount Bromo, National Park Bromo Tengger, Semeru is truly a wide area, located in between four districts, which are Pasuruan, Malang, Lumajang, and Probolinggo. Out of the four districts, we area able to enjoy a TNBTS with awesome views!


            Now, for this time, Jejakku will explain more on the beauty of Mount Bromo through the Lumajang district. Have you guys been here before? This area is truly famous for its title of “A country above the clouds.” Such title was given due to the fact that it is summit of 2900 meters above sea level, which is higher than Mount Bromo itself!


            One of the main reasons for the hikers of B29 summit is, if you guys want to higher, we can go to B30 summit.

            To head through B29 district, it is recommended to go by motorcycle due to the fact of its small and steep roads. Do not worry in this area, as the condition is getting better. Sacrifices are needed in order to reach your destination.


            If the road conditions have gotten better, and motorcycles are able to head through, we can pass until B29 parking spot. If not, as you reach Agro sari village, Senduro district, Lumajang distric has two choices, which are to park first and walk, or use an ojek.

            B29 district usually used for hikers to camp. The location is very vast, until we are able to place a tent wherever we want. No need to care if you are out of food or drink as there are stores available below, but please remember to take care of our environment!


            B29 district is truly beautiful during both sunrise and sunset. Throughout the whole trip, there will be beauty to see. There are main spots signed to make your pictures better than ever!


            There are lots of nature views in from village nature, as well as beautiful farms, and of course as the main star, the view of TNBTS that is mesmerizing.

            There are other beautiful and cool stuffs that you guys can find in Agrosari Village – a country above sky – Puncak B29. The nature can’t be guessed, of course you will need a huge amount of preparation before going here. Lets look around other beauties in Indonesia, and show everyone that Indonesia is a beautiful country.