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A Mountain Is Not a Garbage Disposal! So Who Is Responsible?


            A lot of sides are starting to promote the beauty of a mountain, either from a film or from other shows has made a lot of travelovers want to hike any mountain, either can be good news for the potential or tourism in Indonesia, mainly Taman Nasional Gunung. But as the popularity increases in social media, it can be somewhat bad news for tourism in all sides. Nothing is bad about this, but with the rise of technology, there would not be any guarantee on the evolution of humans. Humans that are meant in here are the hikers who only care about themselves. Not because they care, they just hike up a mountain to follow the latest trend and does not care about their surroundings.

            In the past, before the rise of people wanting to climb up mountains, most mountains around are comfortable especially safe if you are alone, eliminating fatigue, and other fun activities away from the city. Cool breeze from the mountains that have not been polluted yet. Perhaps because at that time, there was no film, advertisement, or socialization that appealed to people to flock up the mountain. Yes, that was long time ago. Then, what about now? How are the mountains today? Are there still people around who are indifferent to the safety and comfort of the mountains?


            Do not ask what kind of mountain looks like before the availability of social media. Clearly, security and comfort are the first motivational support of hikers in the past. In fact, an activist called Soe Hok Gie is very fond of hiking mountains to eliminate his fatigue life down there. In the mountains, he made different legendary creations up until this time. Yes, this is all because it is comfortable. Who does not like comfort.


            Another issue with the present, this is the era of the social media as an answer medium to everyone. When travelovers want to visit a city and want to explore most of the tourist attractions, it has turned into an easy feat. Travelovers only need to write a tag followed by explore and your destination is right in front of you. Example: #explorezimbabwe, and everything is answered immediately. Just as with the variety of interesting photos about the mountain. Unconsciously and indirectly, travelovers and all social media users will visit this place.


            From the rise of social media users who are interested to make a good alternative to their TNG for climbing or camping, did not rule out, will rise up for garbage where they have stayed. Yes, especially their garbage. They just don’t care about their surrounding and only care about themselves and the trend, which is the truth. Authority TNG has provide garbage disposal area, but everyday there are hundreds of climbers coming and there aren’t enough bins to accommodate them. Should travelovers take up climbing, they need to bring them down, including garbage, and throw them when it’s at the lower levels of the mountain, where travelovers can drive a car back to the mainland’s.



            In addition to providing final garbage disposals, TNG managers, such as TNBTS, has provide trash hauling trucks once a week. Ironically, the managers of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park do not have the budget to issue garbage every day. Not to mention the funds to pay the manpower who helped manage TNBTS. Indeed, the appeal of Mount Semeru is no doubt. Especially during the long weekend in early May. Visitors are booming!


            Now, the question is, if the garbage is piled up like this, how to minimize its growth? Not all TNG managers have the funds to take care of it every day. Not to mention the allocation of funds to pay for labor as well as the cost of other that cannot be avoided.


            By the end of April this year, it was recorded that more than 453 tons of garbage that mainly 50% was plastic waste collected from the 15 most popular mountains visited by the community. Like TNG Rinjani, Gede Pangrango, Merabu, Sindoro, Sumbing, Merapi, Prau, Bromo Tengger Semeru, Papandayan, Ciremai, Salak, Agropuro, bawakaraeng and Halau Halau.


            For crazy climbers, please make the writings as above (although I still do not understand the benefits), after you guys finish taking pictures of your fun, please do not leave that garbage in the mountains. If you can not clean the garbage on the mountain, at least DO NOT THROW GARBAGE ALL OVER THE PLACE. Bring your garbage back down. If the mountain managers had done their job guarding the mountain, living from the climbers who only care for themselves and crazy were the ones who had to raise their degree to be true nature lovers. Yup, that is it for today, I hope you guys opened your eyes and see the truth! Thank you!