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5 Must-Know Tips Before Going to Banyuwangi!


            Banyuwangi, a city in East Java is full of natural areas such as jungles marine life, and is packed with mountains! Banyuwangi is a city that co-existed with nature, making it beautiful and civilized at the same time! If you want to take a vacation without leaving civilization and society, going to Banyuwangi is the perfect choice! Here are 6 must-know tips before going to Banyuwangi! Listen up travelers!


  1. Bring warm clothes

Banyuwangi is considered to be a “cold” city for most Indonesians. Since the city is close to a mountain, with a high-altitude, things might be chilly for the average Indonesian, bringing a couple of warm clothes will be useful!


  1. Head to the tourist attraction


Banyuwangi is full of tourist attraction all across the city! It would be a waste if you did not go to all! Up in the north, Banyuwangi is full of forestry and mountainous areas, while in the south is close to the sea! The beaches in Banyuwangi is clean and pretty, as well as perfect for snorkeling and diving, while up in the north is full of mountains, waterfalls, and museums on the history of Banyuwangi itself and transportation!


3. Try out their local culinary


Banyuwangi is special on its own by its unique culinary! You would not feel the full experience in Banyuwangi without trying its culinary! Menus such as Botok Tawon, Sego Bungkus Bu Poer, and Mie Ayam Ahem are definitely worth the try!


  1. Rent a Transportation

Since Banyuwangi is full of natural tourist attractions, which are far away from the city, it would not be fit to walk there, unless you want to, to be healthy! If you are not fond of the idea of walking, renting a transportation such as a motorbike or a family-sized car won’t hurt you! It is not that pricey, on renting and using the transportation for a couple of days!


  1. Find a suitable accommodation

Last but not least, do not forget to find a suitable accommodation that is not so far from tourist attraction destinations, as well as not pricey! Since Banyuwangi is full of tourists and outsiders on holiday seasons, hotels will go up in price from 0 to 100 really quick! Booking a hotel before your trip will save you time of finding a place, as well as it could save you a couple of cash for other uses in Banyuwangi!


Here are my top five tips before going to Banyuwangi! I am sure if you follow and use these tips correctly, you will have the best time ever in Banyuwangi! Do not forget to take pictures too for your memories! Going to Banyuwangi is a thrilling experience!