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Impact meter

220 trash bag(s) collected

2,050 tree(s) planted

35 animal(s) helped

60 people helped

759 book(s) donated

2,200,000 money donated

Available Trips

Bromo-ijen Volcano Adventure Tour, Exploring The Heart Of East Java

Explore Krakatau

Explore Pulau Harapan

Bromo Midnight Tour, Private & Exclusive Package

Bromo Midnight Tour Package Backpacker Style, Enjoying Sunrise With Low Budget

Bromo-ijen-greenbay-sukamade Tour, Great Adventure Trip And Turtle Conservation Activity (4d3n)


Double Summit Mt. Arjuno & Mt. Welirang

Visit Geopark Cileteuh, Kawasan Batuan Tua Jawa Barat (2d1n)


One Day Trip Tebing Keraton+taman Hutan Raya Bandung

Explore Raja Ampat , Pianemo, Liburan Hemat 3d2n

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Why Jejakku?

For Travelers

Travel & Positive Impact

With Voluntourism concept, Jejakku encourage Travelers and Trip Organizers to give positive impacts to the society through our Trip Packages.

Meaningful Experience

Let's do more interaction with locals! You can learn more about them and help them solve their society problems.

Experienced Trip Organizer

Jejakku partners is experienced Trip Organizers. Ensure unforgettable memories with your travel buddies!

For Trip Organizers

Free Advertising

Get free advertising for your trip packages and you only paid the margin when the book is done!

Online Transaction & Notification

Notification to your smartphone and website when travelers request a trip.

Trip Booking Management

You can manage your trip packages easily through our platform.


Get started with Jejakku Apps

An application that provides you any info related to Indonesia's tourisms and culture events, where you can also share your traveling experience to help other travelers.

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